Chantal Helene
Life and Business Coach
Licensed Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapy– Society of NLP
Registered for Evidence-based Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (REBHP)


About me: I was itching to reach my full potential and achieve something that mattered, but what? I was a professional in search of a profession!

Fortunately, I discovered Life Coaching and then realised that's what I was built for. I am passionate about the power of coaching and have been helping people for years in forging positive change with the power of coaching. I help individuals think and act more resourcefully resulting in them stepping into their their own greatness.

The people I coach are like you: high achievers who want to succeed doing something that matters. Some are executives, some are small business owners, some are housewives.

Sometimes they don't feel like high-achievers, but they all want growth, fulfilment and to give back to others in some meaningful way. To me, my clients are like Olympic athletes, the best of the best. And like elite athletes, they need a coach in their corner to help them win. That's what I do best!

I call this Elite Coaching for High Achievers
I could call it life coaching or business coaching or executive coaching, but the truth is we'll probably work on your life as well as your career. You've got both, right?

If you think you'd like to have me in your corner, let's set up a 30-minute complimentary coaching consultation to explore your goals and whether I can help you.

To get started, just contact me:

Tel: +33(0)647 63 56 80  Mobile +44(0)798 347 75 53