Holistic mind-body practitioner
Life coach and trainee therapist

47320 Clairac

Email: shadowtothelightcentre@gmail.com 

Website: www.shadowtothelightexperience.com

Telephone: +33 6 70 54 92 98

My experience has been honed working with clients and continually upgrading my skills. I am a coach that brings an awareness to the table. I am up to date with attachment and lack of attachment that create the ACES we now know are running the trauma based thinking and self medicating in so many. My studies have taken me to Helsinki Finland where I worked a workshop that allowed insight into the addictions creating havoc around the world for so many.

Whether that be device addiction; drink. substance etc etc.. I have been working now in a holistic capacity for the last seven years and that has brought about constant adaptations to my coaching methods.

I have created a modality that allows space between the client and the coach to become deep truthful and totally in the clients hands this i call the operating system. Me and my girlfriend have created a centre that brings all of this and more together; The centre is based in the Dordogne and I am opening workshops as well as continue with one on one coaching ..

I offer a free 30mins assessment. I offer online and face to face therapy.

My qualifications are as follows:
  • Advanced diploma via the international careers institute in Psychotherapy
  • Advanced diploma in childhood development via the oxford online learning program
  • Shadow coach mastery course advanced
  • Mind body institute. holistic mind body practitioner Life coach dual certification

Siret number: 510 136 492 00020