Laurent Helene
Spiritual Healer
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Tel: UK +44(0)770 882 7757  France +(0)647 63 56 80

SNU, Arthur Findlay College, Stansted Hall
Access Bars Practitioner

My spiritual journey began in 2012 when I had a spiritual awakening. I started working with mediums and healers who told me that I had healing abilities. This led me to take an SNU healing course at Arthur Findley College, Stansted Hall (UK).

The other modality that I use with the Spiritual healing is Access Bars / Access consciousness. By using the tools of Access Bars combined with the Spiritual healing, I offer a wholly safe and non-invasive holistic healing therapy which has generated a great deal of positive changes in the lives of many people.

We know that every one of us and everything is composed of uniquely arranged patterns of energy. When disturbances and blockages occur they lead to chaotic energy, a factor in physical, mental or emotional distress. Spiritual Healing will help to restore the distinctive composition of your personal energetic make-up when these disruptions occur.

I do not heal or diagnose illnesses but rather act as a facilitator by channelling healing energies to individuals. Whilst being channelled the healing energy received from Source is then directed with effortless intention to the individual concerned and can ultimately heal any dis-ease which has manifested in the physical, emotional, or spiritual body.

I hope that your experience with the Healing that I offer leaves you with light, comfort, peace and clarity.

  • I offer one to one session for Access Bars - Healing in France and UK
  • I also provide energy healing via Skype
  • l will ask for an energy exchange of 50€ per session (lasting one hour)
  • First test session offer of 25€

What is Access Bars / Access Consciousness?

Registered in the UK