Trained counsellor, therapist and life coach

89 rue des Vignerons
68230 Turckheim

Tel: 06 33 69 35 47

 Email: lenore.mcintyre@gmail.com


When you have a physical problem, you seek professional assistance. Similarly, at certain times of life, your emotional health may also require a professional look. Some emotional difficulties are solved by themselves, or you can manage yourself. Other problems need special support.

The problems you encounter can be varied, large and small, but all need attention: the difficulties may be related to:
  • work
  • family relationships
  • intimate relationships
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • anger

For more information, to schedule an appointment or to set up a FREE phone consultation 15 minutes, call me 06 33 69 35 47. Appointments are also possible in the evening. If I am consulting, leave a message with your details and I will contact you shortly. Prior consultation is always carried out. Sessions are one hour, once a week.
The office is easily accessible by public transportation:

  • Trace the bus line 8 towards Turckheim - Off: Republic 200 metres
  • Kunegel bus line 25 between Colmar and Labaroche - Stop: 50 metres
  • Brand TER train Colmar-Metzeral - stop: Turckheim station 250 metres away

Parking in front of the cabinet or outside the village.

Siret: 518 267 422 000 13