BSc Hons.
Adv. EFT, AAMET, NLP, Life Coaching


My purpose and passion in life is to help inspire other people to Live the Life they Desire by helping them to resolve problems of their past and worries of their future and to live now.

I work on either physical or emotional health problems but specialise in relationship counselling, helping couples to move on from old resentments, guilts or mistakes and to make a new start rather than trying again. I also do day workshops to teach couples self-help techniques as well as an individual session each and then a couple session, for those that want fast change instead of divorce!

I also work with young people having difficulties in self-confidence and growing up, that turn to drugs and alcohol to help them cope. Looking at old beliefs and values and past problems to empower them to move forward to a better adulthood. My sessions are a mixture of all my trainings but I mainly use the cutting edge tools of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. These Energy Psychology tools assist people to resolve their past and move forward to a lasting personal change and positive future.

Phone sessions are an excellent way of getting help whilst being in the comfort and security of your own home. I currently offer phone sessions to any UK or European Landline.

If you think EFT could help you, or you are not quite sure then e-mail me and I will phone you back for