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There are different approaches to counselling and psychotherapy so it is important for you to find a therapist whose philosophy and way of working feels right. It is also important to find someone you feel comfortable working with, so I would encourage you to meet with several therapists if you are in a position to do so.

As an integrative practitioner, I do not adhere rigidly to a specific model, or way of working, but rather I adapt and draw on a variety of different approaches to tailor how we work in a way that will be most beneficial to you as an individual.

One of the most important parts of my role is to create an environment where you feel safe enough to explore yourself, your experiences of the world and of others, without fear of judgement or conditions. I will support this by reflecting my understanding of what you think and feel and how you have made sense of the world and your life. This kind of exploration can help you decide what you feel is helpful and productive for you and what could be different if you were to initiate change.

I do not think it is my role to tell you what to do. Rather, I believe my job is to help you move to a position where you feel able to take steps to progress towards your goals and to attain fulfilment in your life, your relationships and your work.

• Professeur à l'Université Montpellier UM
        - Psychoanalyst (formation jungienne, freudienne, lacanienne)
        - Diplômée de l'université (Master 2 de psychanalyse et philosophie)
        - Institut de formation des psychanalystes C.G. JUNG à Zurich
        - Institut Freudien
• Onirologue, formée à l'interprétation des rêves à l'Académie des rêves de MONTPELLIER, formatrice pour les psychothérapeutes et psychanalystes.
 • Membre de Psy en Mouvement et SNPPsy.

Professional Background
• Lecturer at Montpellier University UM
• Pychoanalysis (Jungian, Freudian and Lacanian)
         - Academic studies: Master degree in psychoanalysis and philosophy
         - Training program at the CG JUNG institute in Zurich
         - Training program at the Freudian Institute in Montpellier

Siret:  533 706 057