GrŠinne Dunleavy
Puteaux 92800

Positive psychology counsellor, coach, groups, children and adults
Zoom  face2face 
Irena-Marie Makowska
Lisle-sur-Tarn  81

Clinical hypnotherapy, mindfulness, transformational coaching, BRWT
face2face  Workshops
Dr Jana Jenkins
St Pardoux Corbie
r 19

Chartered clinical psychologist, stress management,
Zoom  face2face

Lenore McIntyre
Colmar 68


Relationship coaching, anxiety, anger and depression
√ face2face
Chantal Anne Helene
Dinard, Dept.22

Life and Business Coach.  NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapy
√ face2face √online √telephone
Roxana Oreviceanu
Selestat 67

NLP, hypnotherapy and coaching 
√ Skype √ face to face
Joanne Lewis Smith
Monaco 98

Life & business coaching, stress management, personal counselling
face2face Skype,
James Simson
Pau 64

ICF Accredited Life Coach, addictions, co-dependency and artistís block
face2face online telephone
Deb Challacombe
Depts 79, borders 85

Life coaching, NLP, hypnosis, psychotherapy & counselling
√ face2face √ online √telephone
Graham McDowell
Belesta 09300

Mental well-being specialist and transformational coach
√Skype & Zoom √ face2face
Kimberly Rockhold
Lille Dept. 59

Counselling and coaching, walk & talk therapy
√Zoom √Skype √ face2face√ telephone
Anja Branitzki
Annecy Dept. 74

EFT, matrix reimprinting, hypnose therapist, Reiki practitioner
√ face2face √ Skype √ Facetime

Wendy-Ann Smith
St Germain en Laye Dept 78


Consultant Coaching Psychologist
face2face  residential retreats

Lesley Michelle
Vienne Dept 86

Holistic health coach, NLP, EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting.
Skype telephone
Melody Lovell
Correze Dept 19

Acc., Certified EFT Practitioner, Meridian Energy techniques
face2face Skype

Claire Laborde
Langon Depts.33 & 47

Solution-focused Life & Career coaching. Personal development
face2face Skype telephone
Jeanne Teleia
Ceret and Perpignan 66


Holistic counselling and coaching 
√ Skype √ telephone
Diane Webb
Lyon & St.Genis Laval
Life coach, adults, families and couples, EFT Bronze level
face2face Skype telephone
Monika Danielak
Pontaumur Dept. 63

CBT counsellor life coach, techniques for anxiety, stress and anger
√Zoom √ Skype √WhatsApp √Facetime
Pierpaolo Paparo
B'logne-Billancourt 92

Psychotherapist and counsellor, interest in spirituality and meditation
√Google Meet √ MS Teams face2face
Maria Mason
Drome Dept.26

Psycho and health counsellor, mindful eating specialist
√ face2face √ Skype √ telephone
Jan Morgan
Venterol 26

ICF PCC Master NLP Practitioner, instigates service improvements
√ Zoom  face2face  √ WhatsApp
Giselle Cara
Lapouyade 33

Psychologist, hypnotherapist, counsellor, coach, NLP, counselling
√ Skype 
Nichole Bolden
Sanary sur Mer 83
Certified brainspotting therapist and certified Life Coach
√ online
Mikayla Mitchell
Labastide de Levis 81

Hypnotherapist, counselling, life coaching, complementary therapies
√ Zoom  face2face 
Emma Rion
LIsle sur Tarn 81

Integrative counselling, life coaching. offering weekly sessions
David Landers
Clairac 47
Counselling, life coaching, addiction therapy, workshops
face2face  online
Ileana Rontea
Montpellier 34070
Womenís life and empowerment coach and mentor helping transform their lives
Zoom √ Skype  √ WhatsApp
Aliva de Bathe
Lupsault 16140
Counsellor, hypnotherapist and life coach, all ages and couples
Zoom √ Doxy Me  √ face to face