Claire Stokes-Laborde MsC (Psych)
Coaching Psychologist


Tel: 0033 (0)6 03 03 16 76

Claire is an experienced Coach with a Master’s degree in Occupational Psychology. She is bilingual in English (her mother tongue) and French, and has 25 years’ experience working and living family life as an expatriate in the Middle-East, Germany and France. She has travelled extensively and is highly sensitive to cultural differences and their implications both in business and personal life.

Having brought up three bilingual boys in the French education system, created and run her own business for 13 years, she has acquired inside knowledge of French cultural subtleties, has a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities of living happily in a foreign country, and setting up and running a profitable business in France.

Coaching style
Claire’s style is interactive and collaborative, integrating skills from a range of approaches including Cognitive-Behavioural Psychology, Positive Psychology, NLP and Strengths Coaching. Clients have described her as ‘warm, and friendly, yet challenging, immensely supportive, motivating and straight talking’. Claire coaches in both French and English.

Areas of specialization
Personal Development : (self-confidence, self-awareness, clarity of purpose and goals, work-life balance). Claire has worked with many clients who, for whatever reason have lost self-confidence, feel down or who simply want some support and encouragement to achieve their goals.

Foreign Language Coaching: (coaching to communicate efficiently in a French/English)
Communicating effectively with English speaking clients can often be a stressful and frustrating experience. Claire has helped many clients gain confidence in this area and her experience in teaching English as a foreign language allows her to teach English using the latest cutting edge methods.

Careers Coaching: Many people are confronted with the question ‘what do I really want to do?’, or even they know what they want to do but are not sure of how to go about achieving it. This holds them back and causes them to become inactive. Claire has helped many clients update their priorities, discover their true purpose in life, deploy their natural strengths and create an effective action plan to achieve their new objectives. She has also helped clients in translating their CV and editing their cover letter in English.

Expatriate and Cross-Cultural Coaching: Claire has helped Expats in France recreate the life they want whilst going through the challenging ‘negotiation and adjustment’ phase of culture shock. She has also experience in supporting her clients through the challenges and issues involved in living in a foreign country.
Teen Coaching : Claire has expertise in working with teens, mainly in the areas of stress and anxiety management, self-discovery , and gaining clarity into their future career path.

Career Background
Claire has worked as a Flight Attendant, has over ten years’ experience teaching General and Business English to executives and professionals in France , created and ran her own successful luxury guest house in France, and has coached Anglophone expatriates and French nationals for the past five years. She is also employed in a reputable Business School in SW France, where she lectures on Cross Cultural issues and Business English. She is head of Coaching at a renowned International Boarding school in SW France, where she has earned a strong reputation for her Career Coaching and Personal development courses for young adults originating from 6 different countries. She has also designed and run coaching workshops on career management, life coaching and personal development.

Qualifications and Training
Claire’s qualifications include diplomas in Coaching, Cognitive – Behavioral Therapy and she is an NLP practitioner. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Occupational Psychology. She has translated research papers for various schools of Psychology and has translated and statistically validated a Psychometric personality test. Claire has participated in Assessment Centers and talent management programs with international Blue chip companies. She is the only Strengthscope accredited Coach in France.

Siret: 408 017 218 00020