Lenore McIntyre
Colmar 68


Relationship coaching, anxiety, anger and depression
Chantal Anne Helene
Dinard, Dept.22

Life and Business Coach.  NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapy
face2face Skype, webcam telephone

Jilly Bentley
Loyat Dept 56


Online counsellor, life coach and psychotherapist
face2face  telephone
Joanne Lewis Smith
Monaco 98

Life coaching, business coaching, stress management and personal counselling
face2face Skype,
James Simson
Montpellier 34000

Coaching for improved choice, communication. Co-dependency and addiction recovery.
face2face Skype, online telephone
Deb Challacombe
Depts 79, borders 85

Life coaching, NLP, hypnosis, psychotherapy & counselling
face2face Skype, online telephone
Chris Carthy
Calvados Dept.14

Integrative counsellor, NLP practitioner and life coach
face2face Skype,
Giselle Cara
33620 near Bordeaux

Life coaching for individual, couples and professionals.
face2face Skype,

Deborah Mends
Auray Dept 56


CBT counsellor, life coach and hypnotherapist
face2face  telephone

Wendy-Ann Smith
St Germain en Laye Dept 78


Consultant Coaching Psychologist
face2face  residential retreats

Lesley Michelle
Vienne Dept 86

Holistic health coach, NLP, EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting.
Skype telephone
Melody Lovell
Correze Dept 19

Acc., Certified EFT Practitioner, Meridian Energy techniques
face2face Skype

Claire Laborde
Langon Depts.33 & 47


Solution-focused Life & Career coaching. Personal development
face2face Skype telephone

Jacqueline Groves
Haute Vienne borders


Coaching for women  anxiety, depression, alcohol problems.
Skype telephone
Diane Webb
Lyon & St.Genis Laval

Psychotherapist and life coach with adults, families and couples
face2face Skype telephone
Sarah Speziali

Creative psychotherapy and life coaching
face2face Skype,
Susan Wyles
Dordogne Dept. 24

Counselling, life coaching, EMDR, CBT, psychoanalysis
√ face2face √ Skype √ telephone
Maria Mason
Drome Dept.26

Psycho and health counsellor and coach, micro nutritionist
√ face2face √ Skype √ telephone
Olga Sheean
Verrines-sous-Celles Dept. 79

Mastery coach specialising in relationships & conscious evolution.
√ face2face √ Skype √ telephone
Michele Willmott
Samoens Dept. 74

Relationship mentor, co-active professional life coach and contemporary psychotherapist
√ face2face √ Skype √ telephone