GrŠinne Dunleavy
Puteaux 92800

Positive psychology counsellor, coach, groups, children and adults
Zoom  face2face 
Irena-Marie Makowska
Lisle-sur-Tarn  81

Clinical hypnotherapy, mindfulness, transformational coaching, BRWT
face2face  Workshops
Dr Jana Jenkins
St Pardoux Corbie
r 19

Chartered clinical psychologist, stress management,
Zoom  face2face

Lenore McIntyre
Colmar 68


Relationship coaching, anxiety, anger and depression
√ face2face
Chantal Anne Helene
Dinard, Dept.22

Life and Business Coach.  NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapy
√ face2face √online √telephone
Roxana Oreviceanu
Selestat 67

NLP, hypnotherapy and coaching 
√ Skype √ face to face
Joanne Lewis Smith
Monaco 98

Life & business coaching, stress management, personal counselling
face2face Skype,
James Simson
Pau 64

ICF Accredited Life Coach, addictions, co-dependency and artistís block
face2face online telephone
Deb Challacombe
Depts 79, borders 85

Life coaching, NLP, hypnosis, psychotherapy & counselling
√ face2face √ online √telephone
Graham McDowell
Belesta 09300

Mental well-being specialist and transformational coach
√Skype & Zoom √ face2face
Kimberly Rockhold
Lille Dept. 59

Counselling and coaching, walk & talk therapy
√Zoom √Skype √ face2face√ telephone
Anja Branitzki
Annecy Dept. 74

EFT, matrix reimprinting, hypnose therapist, Reiki practitioner
√ face2face √ Skype √ Facetime

Wendy-Ann Smith
St Germain en Laye Dept 78


Consultant Coaching Psychologist
face2face  residential retreats

Lesley Michelle
Vienne Dept 86

Holistic health coach, NLP, EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting.
Skype telephone
Melody Lovell
Correze Dept 19

Acc., Certified EFT Practitioner, Meridian Energy techniques
face2face Skype

Claire Laborde
Langon Depts.33 & 47

Solution-focused Life & Career coaching. Personal development
face2face Skype telephone
Jeanne Teleia
Ceret and Perpignan 66


Holistic counselling and coaching 
√ Skype √ telephone
Diane Webb
Lyon & St.Genis Laval
Life coach, adults, families and couples, EFT Bronze level
face2face Skype telephone
Monika Danielak
Pontaumur Dept. 63

CBT counsellor life coach, techniques for anxiety, stress and anger
√Zoom √ Skype √WhatsApp √Facetime
Pierpaolo Paparo
B'logne-Billancourt 92

Psychotherapist and counsellor, interest in spirituality and meditation
√Google Meet √ MS Teams face2face
Maria Mason
Drome Dept.26

Psycho and health counsellor, mindful eating specialist
√ face2face √ Skype √ telephone
Jan Morgan
Venterol 26

ICF PCC Master NLP Practitioner, instigates service improvements
√ Zoom  face2face  √ WhatsApp
Giselle Cara
Lapouyade 33

Psychologist, hypnotherapist, counsellor, coach, NLP, counselling
√ Skype 
Nichole Bolden
Sanary sur Mer 83
Certified brainspotting therapist and certified Life Coach
√ online
Mikayla Mitchell
Labastide de Levis 81

Hypnotherapist, counselling, life coaching, complementary therapies
√ Zoom  face2face