● Personal development for life coaching, counselling, and stress management.

● You would like to get more direction in your life, that is to define your next goal plan and make the steps to get there.

●You need counselling after a life impacting event.

● You would like to build up your self-esteem or confidence.
● You would like to better manage stress, or take time out to do a lifestyle residential workshop on a weekend.

● We offer an empowering orientation process to find and check career choices & missions that are congruent with who you are (OBCA -orientation benchmark process and report). This is a full and complex multi-level in depth process.

● You are having difficulties with certain people or situations in your life; you’d like to improve on relationships in your life.

● There is a pattern or block in your life you’d like to heal or overcome.

● You would like coaching, counselling or advice & insights with past, present or future events including any of the above, recruitment & interviews, CV preparation, your next career or professional move.

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