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Sessions in LYON & Brignais (South West suburb of Lyon)
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Bilingual Clinical Psychotherapist & Life Coach with over 35 years of experience.

 - 14 Avenue Rockefeller, 69008 LYON
, near the métro Grange Blanche
 - 7 rue du Garon, 69530 Brignais, easy parking

Phone: +33(0)608563427   Email: dianewebbtherapy@gmail.com  Website: www.dianewebb.co.uk

Working with
Adults, Families and Children

My practice
in Lyon is a family affair where my daughter Amber Kanza Woodward, a Neuro-Psychologist, also has her offices. We work closely together offering care for families and children, this means we can offer a full range of support including: 

-   Support for Anxiety and Depression
Support for Expatriation issues 
IQ tests (children from the age of 3 years old onwards, teenagers & adults)
Memory and concentration tests

Working With Couples
I have many years’ experience helping couples from different cultural backgrounds to find their way and also for expatriate couples to regain balance and harmony in their relationship after being uprooted and knocked off track!

Working as a Life Coach
The major concerns of most people are Stress related and how they can cope with a rapidly changing and demanding World, whether this be on a personal basis or in terms of their relations with others in the Workplace or at home.

I work closely with both individuals & teams helping them discover their own resources in order to move forward in confidence.

Having worked as an Intercultural Coach in Paris (Langues et Affaires) and Lyon (Ecole de Management de Lyon) I have a vast experience with key actors and teams from companies such as Dior, EDF, Radio France, the « Lydo" on Champs Elysées, KPMG etc.

Training & Methods

After an initial training period in the UK through a wide spectrum of mental health issues with the Richmond Health Fellowship and Mind I later specialized as a Psychotherapist in Gestalt with the Paris School of Gestalt.


Curious by nature and committed to keeping astride with the developments in research in Psychotherapy, I enjoy adding new skills to my work as a Psychotherapist and today can accompany a wide variety of needs:


Anxiety, Depression, Stress & Trauma Management, Bereavement, Addictive Behaviour, Eating disorders, Anger & Emotion Management, Sexual Trauma, Couples Counselling, Expatriation, Life Changes, Confidence Building, Business Coaching, Life Coaching, Spiritual Issues.


Alongside Gestalt I offer other approaches such as:

E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique), T.T.T. (Trauma Tapping Therapy), Psychodrama, Psycho genealogy, Holotropic Breathwork, Rebirth and Coaching.


 - T.T.T. Trauma Tapping Therapy. The Guild, Ilkley UK - 2018
 - E.F.T. Practitioner Level 2. The Guild, Ilkley UK - 2017
 - Holotropic Therapist.  IRETT, Paris – 2013 to 2015
 - Master Coach. H.E.C., Paris – 2011 to 2012
 - Rebirth Therapist. The French Association of Rebirth (A.F.R.) Paris – 2009 to 2010
 - Psychogenealogy therapist. Anne ANCELIN SCHUTZENBERGER School – 2008
 - Advanced Diploma in Gestalt with E.P.G. Paris – Mai 2007
 - Gestalt Practitioner Diploma with E.P.G. Paris – 1996
 - Therapeutic Communities Worker. Richmond/Fellowship, UK –1986 to 1987
 - Psychodrama – International Drama Therapy Summer School, York, UK – 1986
 - Re-Evaluation Co-Counselling Parts I & II – Betsy Thatcher, UK - 1985 to 1986
 - Social Sciences Degree Open University, UK – 1986          

 Professional Registration:

UK Council for Psychotherapy – UKCP
European Association for Psychotherapy
French Federation of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis – FF2P


      “Breathing, a communications tool in Gestalt” 05/2007 available at EPG

      “Communication with Gestalt”. 05/1996, available at EPG

      WEBB EXPAT tm – E-assessments and training method for international staff mobility. Trademark registered 01/2013 

Registered in England & in Wales under company registration no. 1106774